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Original Screenplay 2017 Official Selections

Original Screenplay

2017 Official Selections

The list of Official Selections represents the creative and technical characteristics of a well formed script submitted to this year’s competition. We are so pleased to share these writers with you and we look forward to their future works!

Dr. Needmore – FINALIST! by Lucy Fazely, 92 pages:

In 1945 a small town veterinarian provides for the county’s medical needs when the area’s last medical doctor is drafted. After a patient dies in his care, he chooses not to fight criminal charges rather than expose his tortured past.

From Valhalla by Jon Stark, 115 pages:

Young Woman, Galactic Conflict, Strong-willed AI

Goodbye God, I’ve Gone to Bodie – FINALIST! by Kirby Wright, 120 pages:

The filming of a Zombie Western takes on supernatural dimensions when a minor character crosses over to the other side.

June Block Hero by Seth Kozak, 12 pages:

An optimistic 9-year-old discovers he has special powers and uses them to do good works in his desolate neighborhood.

Missing Persons by Chris Bieszk, 119 pages:

A one-legged detective with PTSD must convince a teenage prostitute to return home before her pimp kills them both.

Otter vs. Shark by Amy Goldman, 10 pages:

After one too many slights from her coworkers, Maritza fantasizes about standing up for herself—until one day, fantasizing isn’t enough.

Pink Bunny – FINALIST! by Geoffrey Calhoun, 110 pages:

A man kills his coworker and loses his grip on reality when she shows up to work the next day. Two women must fight for survival when they discover his hidden secrets and dark past.

Princess Rose by Jon Stark, 30 pages:

A princess teaches her people that you can’t judge a person by his nose

Running Blind – FINALIST! by John T. Frederick, 105 pages:

A multi-talented man persistently screws up his life by avoiding the one obvious romantic correction he needs to realize and apply.

Scents – FINALIST! by Timothy Kissel, 84 pages:

An OCD maid cleans the crime scene, so the police call in the Bloodhound, a savant with an unusually strong sense of smell to help solve the crime.