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Skyline Indie Film Fest

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The Journey of the Indie Filmmaker

Filmmaker's Panel Skyline 2015

Counting the Scars

We spend so much time touting the glory of the indie filmmaker.  How we love and admire their spirit. Their “I’m doing this my way and you can go jump in a lake!” or some other colorful idiom that best reflects their personal indie spirit. We talk about the journey and the associated difficulties of operating independent of “the system” and bear with pride the physical and emotional scars of the good fight.  Then we share the tales of adventure and woe with other indie front-liners and so the journey continues.

Keyword: Journey.

Indie films are for the Indie Core

As we share in the indie film vision by consuming the product of indie film itself, then provide support, or not, in various forms; social validation through the ubiquity of social media, financial support of both current and future projects though the purchase of tickets and/or physical media or a donation, be it large or small, to a crowdfunding campaign. We become the core of the indie film industry and help our beloved filmmakers along on their journey.  Our support bolsters, emboldens, and lifts our favorites above the din of every other joker out there with a camera and allows them to grow and change.

What happens then?  When they’ve grown and changed and then they make it?  When the journey takes them, as they have earned, to the next level.  The goal all along is to make films and have people watch them.  Lots of people.  They develop their skill, their style, their voice and one day, if they’re lucky, the whole world may take notice.  And we, the core, must wish them continued success and be not smug as the rest of the world discovers what we already know.

We, the indie core, are responsible for sharing in the success as much as the struggle.

Keeping the Indie Spirit

I venture to guess that almost every indie filmmaker has goals of becoming more mainstream and achieving some level of self defined higher success than they currently have.  What is drive if not the desire to succeed, to elevate, to journey towards a goal?  It is our hope at Skyline Indie Film Fest that all of the filmmakers we work with through the years reach the degree of success they deserve and yet, hopefully, maintain the indie spirit that made us love them in the first place.

I suppose the questions are many.  Are you indie because you have to be? Because you want to be? Is it a step along a path to some lofty studio or mainstream goal and you’re simply paying your dues?  Do you, in a very punk-rock audience way, begrudge the system so much and therefore anyone who succeeds to negotiate it well?  These are some of the questions I will begin to ask on future episodes of our podcast, The Skyline IndieCast.

What questions would you ask your favorite indie filmmaker?  Tell us at @skylinendfilmfe and get in the conversation!

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