Skyline Indie Film Fest

Skyline Indie Film Fest

Skyline Indie Film Fest

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2016 Award Winners

Skyline Indie Film Fest 2016

2016 has been a great year for the growth of Skyline. We secured our not-for-profit status, received grants that allowed us to add a young filmmakers summer program and an original screenplay competition to the festival. Our film submissions increased by nearly 40%, making programming and determining award winners all the more difficult but instilling pride and satisfaction in our festival staff as we see the state of indie film in and around Winchester is well regarded and growing.

Thank you to everyone who was here with us this weekend, the filmmakers and writers who were able to make the trip to Winchester, the audiences for coming out to the shows, and the and volunteers and the merchants that support us here in Old Town. We could not produce Skyline without all of your support. Thank you for making this festival weekend so much fun for so many people!

2016 Skyline Indie Film Fest

Award Recipients

It is our pleasure and privilege to announce the award recipients of the 2016 Skyline Indie Film Fest and to extend a hearty congratulations to all of the Official Selections.

BEST SCREENPLAYskiff-laurels-2016-v2-black-best-screenplay

, an original feature length screenplay by Scott Pittock.

Set in the old west, a shattered family must learn to work together to defend themselves when a feral posse invades their home.


baby sitterskiff-laurels-2016-v2-black-fan-faveThe Babysitter Murders, a live action, narrative short film by Ryan Spindell.

A dark and stormy night. An innocent babysitter all alone. An escaped psychopath out for blood. You know how this story will play out… Or do you?


borrowedtime Borrowed Timeskiff-laurels-2016-v2-black-best-anim, an animated short film written and directed by Lou Hamou-Lhadj and AndrewCoats.

A weathered Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. With each step forward, the memories come flooding back. Faced with his mistake once again, he must find the strength to carry on.


blazing sunskiff-laurels-2016-v2-black-best-short

Plein Soliel – Blazing Sun, a live action, narrative short film written and directed by Fred Castadot.

Under a blazing sun during a heatwave, Eric is driving to his workplace to present an important project. But the stress makes him forget what matters most. 


autumn fallAutumn Fall, a live action, narrative feature written by Jan Vardøen. skiff-laurels-2016-v2-black-best-feature

Set in beautiful Oslo. Ingvld works as a lightning technician at the National Theater but dreams of writing for the stage. However she can’t stand actors. She still manages to entangle herself with two thespians, one a notorious hell raiser and she embarks on an exciting, scandalous, and ultimately very dangerous journey that changes her life forever.



PoachedPoachedskiff-laurels-2016-v2-black-festival-winnerskiff-laurels-2016-v2-black-best-doc, a feature documentary directed by Timothy Wheeler.

Poached exposes an obsession that can wipe out a species of birds: illegal egg collecting. Egg thieves rob the nests of rare birds while a United Kingdom national police initiative named “Operation Easter” tries to stop them. The thieves are motivated not by money but by desire for the beauty of the egg and the thrill of the chase. Thousands of eggs confiscated in police raids have been found strapped under beds, beneath floorboards, and in secret rooms. With unprecedented access to the most notorious and inconspicuous perpetrators, POACHED delves into the psychology of the egg collectors as they confront their obsession.