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Original Screenplay 2018 Official Selections

Original & Adapted Screenplays

2018 Official Selections

The list of Official Selections represents the creative and technical characteristics of a well formed script submitted to this year’s competition. We are pleased to share these writers with you and we look forward to their future works!

Abraham’s Conflict by J.R. Rodriguez, 129 pages:

Small town lawyer, Jacob Abraham is consider to be the best in town. He has a rape case of a big named athlete land in his lap and has to face the strong women in his life with answers to question he never thought he’d have to answer. When he receives information that could change the case he questions why the victim isn’t being heard. He must decide what is legal and what is justice.

Bigfoot: Naked and Untamed by Robin Hohweiler, 100 pages:

Three wholly amateur filmmakers, a barking goat, and an assortment of unpaid, naked Bigfoot hunters set off to make a reality television pilot in the wilds of the Colorado Rockies. What could go wrong?

Dream Machine by Aaron Koontz, 99 pages:

In an attempt to fix his debilitating sleep paralysis, reclusive inventor Miles Decker has developed a machine that allows one to control their dreams. As a new relationship ensues, his dependency on this DREAM MACHINE begins a violent downward spiral blurring the lines of reality and sanity.

Duet by Lisanne Sartor, 14 pages:

Murielle loves her daughter. Perhaps too much.

Finding Grace by Lawrence Whitener, 100 pages:

Crotchety rancher-grandfather must adopt his traumatized orphaned niece. She can’t speak and he can’t stand her divorced birth mother. Their love for a very special mule, heals all their broken hearts.

Flight of Honor by Harry Kleinman, 86 pages:

Retired Colonel Lance Forrester grudgingly answers a ringing door bell. Opening the door, Lance finds himself staring at a ghost from his past – former North Vietnamese freedom fighter Dat Nguyen.

Girl Out of Time by Jay Falconer, 110 pages:

An orphaned teenager with uncontrollable superpowers fights for her life against deadly gangs, relentless cops, and a determined reporter who wants the scoop of a lifetime.

Joseph (4th) by Ian Davies, 109 pages:

A ragtag battalion of Polish soldiers must dig in around the home of a mysterious old man, as they await the onslaught of the Nazi SS, in the earliest days of World War 2.

Major Tom – A Spaced Out Romance by Mirka Kettunen, 14 pages:

This is a short romcom sci-fi about Tom Major. He keeps waiting ‘the Mothership’ to come pick him up. In order to survive life on Earth he sees his life through the eyes of the his alias – the astronaut Major Tom.

Sacred Things by Tom Basham, 92 pages:

Two strangers go on the road knowing what they would die for and find out what they will live for.

Shapeshifter by James Sweeney, 112 pages:

An aging Washington, D.C. police lieutenant must tackle more than his own demons when a deceased foe suddenly returns, triggering both personal and public consequences in the nation’s capital.

The House by Varunn Pandya, 8 pages:

A homeless man lingers near the new owner of a house.

This Broken Earth by Tom Bragg, 12 pages:

After the severe destruction brought on by Global Warming, a couple fight to be part of the chosen to continue life on the Moon Colonies, or they will be left behind to die on Earth.