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2019 Original Screenplay Official Selections

Original & Adapted Screenplays

2019 Official Selections

The list of Official Selections represents the creative and technical characteristics of a well formed script submitted to this year’s competition. We are pleased to share these writers with you and we look forward to their future works!

#LOVIES by Aviva Dove-Viebahn & Brittany K. Fonte, 103 pages:

A perfectionist mayoral hopeful and a struggling adoptive parent reunite after a thirty year old video of them as love-struck toddlers sends an historic election down an unexpected path.

221B by Stan Jones, 87 pages:

Sherlock Holmes rescues a beautiful actress’s nephew from a secret London boy brothel while hiding an even bigger secret—he’s actually Eva Whittaker, a woman compelled by Victorian gender prejudices to pass as a man in order to follow her dream and become the world’s greatest detective.

48 Minutes: The “Raging” Ray Giannini Story

by Joseph Helak, 118 pages:

An innovative High School football coach endures personal and professional hardships as he struggles to return an underdog team to championship status in 1970’s New Mexico.

Alpha by Joseph Helak, 98 pages:

A canine-phobic, small-town sheriff battles a chemically-enhanced alpha wolf and its vicious pack of local dogs.

Bad To Be King by Ken hewski, 90 pages:

A retired kickboxing champion who makes a comeback to fight in MMA, while battling personal demons and consistently pushes the boundaries of socially acceptable behavior.

Bird by Renso Amariz, 80 pages:

Bird is trapped in a magical apartment that has granted her eternal youth and most anything she would every need, except for one thing, freedom.

Dead Viking Rehab by Dana Hammer, 116 pages:

A dead Viking with anger management issues is assigned to guardian angel duty. His task — find a man for his modern granddaughter to marry.

Glitter Monster by Marlene Free, 11 pages:

Savvy has had the kind of early childhood that never required developing an imagination. Now it’s her first day of Kindergarten and it’s a struggle for her to fit in.

The Redneck And The Robot by Michael Miller, 116 pages:

Opposites attract despite opposition, when a roughneck cowboy falls in love with a robot, but can she love him back?

Ultimate Rush by Joseph Helak, 92 pages:

An Extreme Sports junkie struggles to continue his quest for the ultimate rush after his guardian angel quits.

When Two Ends Meet by Tom Tanno, 99 pages:

Romeo & Juliet meets Unforgiven. El Paso Texas, 1904, the last of the wild west boom towns.