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This Article… Good or Bad, Who’s to Say?

I don’t know if it’s caffeine deficiency or if my sleep debt is too high but I don’t understand this article which the first segment poses the question;

Are bad original films better than okay sequels?

That’s up for continual if not infinite debate which I think makes it a bad question. Every film, regardless if it’s an original concept, book or play adaptation, or the fourth installment of a franchise must be judged as an individual entity. People may fall in and out of favor with the multitudes of sequels and spin offs but as a movie goer and film lover it must pass a simple test, does it stand up own it’s own or does it simply kick the can down the road? The two are NOT mutually exclusive. I don’t care for the can-kicker variety in general but sometimes it’s exactly what I need.

Original concepts in film in no way guarantee a good film.

But neither does a tenth installment of the superhero franchise-of-the-day. But now is the time of the superhero and we are all along for the ride. The market for these films exists and it’s now a market that has matured, has the cash to spend on huge drawn out story lines and tie in films that will be taking up theater space and displacing original concept indie films, good and bad, for the next decade.

If you’re like me and story, above all else, is what makes a film good, then you’re going to have to search for your outlets. Festivals, Art House and Indie theaters, VOD, film society’s often have monthly or even weekly screenings, or you may need to create your own film club in your neighborhood or on campus.

The films we love are out there. Some are hard to find and some are hard to avoid.

What’s your favorite original concept?  What your favorite franchise?  You can have both!