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Month: September 2015

Skyline IndieCast Episode 5: Mirandum Pictures

Mirandum Pictures

Welcome to Episode 5 of Skyline IndieCast. Subscribe to this podcast on Stitcher or iTunes. Please like, share and comment so we can get more people to talk about indie films and indie filmmakers. It’s important and you want to do important things, right?

Today I’m at Mirandum Pictures with Mike Powell and Colin Mason. Actually it was in December 2014 and Mike and Colin have just given me a private screening of “OUTBREAK” one of seven short horror films they have created and will be screening later that same evening. You can hear the excitement of the office in the background as everyone is prepping for the screening. The conversation begins as the credits for Outbreak roll.

Skyline IndieCast Episode 4: Micah Troublefield

ByonwithComments Off on Skyline IndieCast Episode 4: Micah Troublefield

micah troublefield

This episode you get to listen in on a phone call between indie filmmaker Micah Troublefield and myself.  Having a beer and talking about “The Gospel of Hip Bones”, his short film, making films and going to festivals.  And he teaches me what a beer bottle shop is!

Check out Micah and the gang at Strawhouse Pictures’ reel, force him to use Twitter at @micahtfield, which he uses extensively (not really), and turns out he’s “google-able”, too.  And you can watch “Twenty One Questions” for free on Vimeo!