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Original Screenplay – Official Selections

Original Screenplay

2016 Official Selections

In 2016 Skyline Indie Film Fest added the Original Screenplay to our annual competition. In an effort to learn and understand the differences between critiquing films and screenplays, we chose not to promote this new addition too aggressively. Even so, we received dozens of submissions and we’ve learned a lot!  We can hardly wait until next season to grow the competitive screenwriting portion of Skyline!

Below you’ll find the list of Official Selections that represent the creative and technical characteristics of a well formed script. We are so pleased to share these writers with you and we look forward to their future works!

Anamnesia by Tawny Sorenson, 85 pages:

A young woman is forced into commitment as she is plagued by loss of time and a sinister presence.

BUILDING TIME by Brian James Crewe, Hugh Aodh O’Brien, 98 Pages:

A contained sci-fi thriller centering on David and Samantha, two brilliant but romantically-entangled young scientists who build a time machine for the powerful Tyler family in the depths of the top secret Baker Building. When the machine malfunctions, David and Samantha find themselves separated from each other through time. Aided by Cassandra, a mysterious woman from the future, they race through the building in a desperate attempt to prevent an apocalyptic future and find each other.

Choking Back The Tears by Oren Weitz, 82 pages:

Two best friends, each with his own peculiar trait, struggle to overcome their burdening inhibitions. But only if they learn to let go will they be able to save their friendship and their love.

Cold Image by Ian Keiser & Shaun Lapacek, 86 pages:

Aided by a technology that imprints other people’s memories into the users head, a bereaved father sets out on a path of revenge but risks losing his remaining humanity.

Dead Sprint by Jason Tostevin, 10 pages:

The last surviving members of a rescue team must outrace a horrifying plague of monsters — and outlast treachery in their own ranks — to give humanity one last chance at a cure.

Death’s Lady by Stephen M. Hunt, 11 pages:

Death falls in love only to find that love is a killer.

Lockbox by C.N. Bean, 18 pages:

Estranged daughter “Sam” Kensington visits her mother’s estate sale for closure, though closure doesn’t quite work the way she thought it would.

Operation Coldfeet by Clinton West, 106 pages:

Based on actual events during the Cold War, a Soviet advanced intelligence station in the Arctic is abruptly abandoned, motivating an eclectic group of Americans to band together using an unproven and dangerous contraption to break-in, steal top secret Soviet technology, and get out. But when the Soviets get wind of the covert mission it’s a race to see who gets to the harsh unstable island first.

Resurrection Time Conspiracy by James Carroll, 117 pages:

It seems like an innocent research project when the Institute of Learning employs the greatest minds across the world to create a matter transfer machine. But the institute is really a covert organization funded by Islamic Extremists and the matter transfer machine is being created as a GPS bomb delivery system. When the youngest geniuses’ discover matter transfer, they also discover time travel and the true intentions of the institute.

Rick Van Winkle by Tom Basham, 114 pages:

Rick Morgan is 25 and on his third career spinning records on the graveyard shift. On New Years Eve a Monk hears Rick saying he wants to skip over his struggle and the next morning Rick wakes up and it’s a year later. His life is a little better but Rick must learn to live in the present before he wakes up one morning and does not know what he did with his life.

Sanctuary by Scott Pittock, 97 pages:

Set in the Old West, a shattered family must learn to work together to defend themselves when a feral posse invades their home.

Tinsel Child by Tom Radovich, 120 pages:

After an arduous but financially successful film career, a former child star tries to settle down in Los Angeles while hunted by nostalgic fans, the media, and his fame hungry father.