Skyline Indie Film Fest

Skyline Indie Film Fest

Skyline Indie Film Fest

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Author: Brian Patrick

Skyline IndieCast Episode 4: Micah Troublefield

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micah troublefield

This episode you get to listen in on a phone call between indie filmmaker Micah Troublefield and myself.  Having a beer and talking about “The Gospel of Hip Bones”, his short film, making films and going to festivals.  And he teaches me what a beer bottle shop is!

Check out Micah and the gang at Strawhouse Pictures’ reel, force him to use Twitter at @micahtfield, which he uses extensively (not really), and turns out he’s “google-able”, too.  And you can watch “Twenty One Questions” for free on Vimeo!


Skyline IndieCast Episode 3: SPROUT with Maris and Evelyn

This episode of Skyline IndieCast we get up bright and early on a Sunday to talk with Maris Lidaka and Evelyn Lorena about all kinds of things like industrial farming, southern accents, the difficulty presented by time zones, and a really great short film call SPROUT, a 2015 Official Selection of Skyline this year.  SPROUT screens in our opening night shorts block!

Follow Maris and Evelyn on Twitter; @marislidaka and @evelyn_lorena

Vote for SPROUT for the 2015 PBS Shorts Showcase, to watch is to vote!  Help them get to 1,000 views!

Skyline IndieCast Episode 2: Rob Montague

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I get to talk a bit with Rob Montague, musician and filmmaker of the life on the road documentary LONG WAY TO THE TOP.  This is a fun and interesting film about bands on the road, life behind the scenes, and the grind and search for balance between your dreams and quote/unquote, real life.

@LongWayDoc – Twitter
@LateMorningFilms – Instagram
@LateMorningFilm – Twitter




Director Spotlight: Jeff Nichols

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In the past 15 years, independent film has become enamored with exploring the personalities and culture of rural America. From David Gordon Green’s poetic, violent meditations such as George Washington and Undertow-to-Debra Granik and her unflinching portrait of addiction Down to the Bone and adaption of Daniel Woodrell’s Winter’s Bone, indie filmmakers have been exploring the rich canvas of the American South and turning its slowly disappearing culture into some of the most engaging and innovative filmmaking currently being produced. And Jeff Nichols is perhaps one of the most aesthetically accomplished filmmakers to emerge from this gritty territory. [Read More…]

Skyline IndieCast Episode 1: Anil Dhokai

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Anil Dhokai

It’s here!  Episode 1 of The Skyline Indiecast! Today we spoke with filmmaker Anil Dhokai whose short film PULSE OF THE CITY is an official selection at Skyline Indie Film Fest this year. [Read More…]

5 Films You (may have) Missed in 2014

 5 Films You Missed (but that you absolutely need to see now) In 2014

2014 was an amazing year for independent film with certified blockbusters and game changers such as Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, Joon-ho Bong’s directorial debut Snowpiercer, and Jennifer Kent’s “not a horror movie” The Bababdook making some real noise in the world of cinema. But like every year, I guarantee you there were more than a few films you missed in 2014 that are worth your time tracking down. So I’d like to take a couple of [Read More…]

The Film Festival Circuit: An Intro

Planning the next screening at Skyline Indie Film Fest

Planning the next screening at Skyline Indie Film Fest

Obviously most people who attend film festivals think they’re amazing. I mean, what’s not to love about them? You typically get to spend a long weekend (or longer) doing nothing but watching great new films, discovering new voices, interacting with filmmakers and actors during Q&A sessions.

Those in favor of film festivals…

For filmmakers, the feeling is usually mutual. They have an opportunity to have their work viewed by an enthusiastic audience, answer questions about their process, and perhaps find a distributor for their film. For many filmmakers showing and touring their work on the film festival circuit is a dream come true.

“I don’t really expect much from my life. So when I heard my films are premiering in film festival circuits I was glad of course but I thought it was lucky accident.”—Takeshi Kitano, actor, director of Outrage & The Blind Swordsman: Zatochi

The less than enthusiastic…

But then there are other filmmakers who don’t take such a sunny approach to the film festival circuit. Certain filmmakers believe that the entrance fees and travel expenses involved with the festival circuit are a waste of resources, particularly regarding larger festivals such as Toronto, SXSW, or Sundance where there are literally hundreds of films being screened and the filmmaker is fighting for the least bit of attention from both the audiences and potential distributors.

But film festivals are so much more than just finding a distributor. There are usually vast career and educational opportunities, as well as being able to network with other filmmakers, actors, potential investors, industry professionals, and fans.

2014 Skyline Film Fest filmmakers panel

2014 Skyline Film Fest filmmakers panel

[Read More…]