Skyline Indie Film Fest

Skyline Indie Film Fest

Skyline Indie Film Fest

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Great News from Skyline and Fandor!

Exciting news from Skyline and  Fandor!  Starting right now if you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive… 2 free weeks of adventurous cinema streaming goodness from!

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Skyline and Fandor: Join us today and help foster the indie spirit!

Skyline and Fandor

2014 Festival Passes – On Sale NOW!

Since Rally in the Alley and our most recent trip to Indie Grits in Columbia, SC, we’ve been lovingly harassed and harangued to put the Skyline Festival passes on sale earlier than August 1, 2014. Well, we listen to our people! Festival passes are on sale now on this very site and you can find us on, too! Just search for “Skyline Indie Film Fest” and viola! For $50 you can purchase a pass that will allow you to see each and every movie screening, as seating permits.

And, you savvy Film Club 3.0 members who picked up a souvenir button over Lost Weekend, be sure to check your button for a 6 digit code for a $10 discount! Awesome sauce, right?!

Any questions about the passes please feel free to contact me! Thanks and congratulations on fostering the indie spirit!