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Skyline Indie Film Fest

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Author: Brian Patrick

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The Man Who Fell to Earth – 50 Favorite Indie Films

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So this one has been in the queue for quite a while and I simply forgot about it. Sorry Lyndee! But fear not, it has been rediscovered and will be duly served immediately!

The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)

When the trailer teases with “…a shocking mind stretching experience of sight. And space. And sex.” and stars the gender bending icon David Bowie there’s simply no way to not hunt down this film and give it the full undivided attention an indie film deserves.

Lyndee writes:

It’s the only [indie] film that year after year, decade after decade, remains #1 on my list. It’s just a great unexpected story that kept viewers thinking way past seeing it. The patents were fictitious but look at our CDs and digital cameras; they weren’t that far off. In 1976, it was totally out there! Throw in the spectacular cast of David Bowie, Rip Torn, Candy Clark et al. and the allure of the cut vs. uncut versions; everything was aligned for an incredible and unforgettable film.

[Read More…]

Memento – 50 Favorite Indie Films

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Today’s selection is Christopher Nolan’s ultra-dark, highly influential second film, the psycho-noir, Memento.

MementoMemento is the story of Leonard (Guy Pearce), a former insurance investigator on the trail of his wife’s killer. The major issue with Leonard’s hunt for the killer is that every time he goes to sleep, or becomes overly stressed, he loses his memories from the previous days due to an injury he sustained during the attack and murder of his wife. So as a means of keeping track of clues to the identity of the murderer, Leonard tattoos the most pertinent information regarding his investigation onto his body, making him look like a human little black book crawling with names, addresses, telephone numbers, and random notes.

What makes Memento truly unique, [Read More…]

Indie Film is Everywhere

Skyline 2014

There are so many indie films released every single day that is seems impossible to keep up with them all.  My feeds are overflowing with new articles, reviews, technological advances in film making, project casting news and casting surprises, festival updates and more.  And consider all the ways new distribution models available making it even easier to find and screen new indie films.  From web based platforms for short films and serial video projects to full streaming services for short and feature length projects, guerrilla screenings, film festivals, film societies, film schools, and film loving friends screening what they like (and often have created themselves) in their basements and impromptu theaters.  There is no shortage of opportunities to see indie film no matter where you live in the world.  Particularly here in Winchester where the filmmaker and the film lover are embraced.

Between our own monthly programming and the annual September film festival at Skyline Indie Film Fest, the Shenandoah Valley also has the Magic Lantern Theater, regular programming from Alamo Drafthouse Winchester, traveling film festivals make stops here such as the SPROUT Film Festival and the Virginia Independent Horror Festival, the annual foreign language film festival held at the local university, as well as local film clubs.  Each complementing the other yet distinctly different.  It’s a great time to be a film enthusiast if you live in the Shenandoah Valley. [Read More…]

Doc Film Differentiation

Documentary films are an odd duck for me.  I find it very hard to separate the film maker and their ability from the subject matter; thereby I tend to give praise or criticism of the director based on the content. This isn’t fair to the film maker and it allows my personal experience with the subject matter, be it mild interest, vast knowledge, or complete disinterest, to influence my opinion of the film, regardless [Read More…]

Night of the Living Dead – 50 Favorite Indie Films

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Night of the Living Dead


Now get the hell down in the cellar. You can be the boss down there, but I’m boss up here!

Today’s submission is from Kim Curtis and her Most Loved Indie Film is Night of the Living Dead (1968)! Good choice Kim!  This is one of my favorites, even though I am a fan of the quicker, angrier zombies of this modern interpretation,  there is no denying that the slow tide of impending doom of these original screen zombies is absolutely terrifying.

Our friend Kim says: [Read More…]

Cube – 50 Favorite Indie Films

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Cube, a near perfect blend of horror and sci-fi with an abundance of intrigue, is one of my all time favorite indie films, and probably the most mainstream on my list.  It throws together seemingly random strangers in a desperate and dangerous circumstance, each of whom are significant to the collective’s survival.  Their initial reactions of confusion, suspicion, and fear for their safety when they awaken [Read More…]

2014 Festival Passes – On Sale NOW!

Since Rally in the Alley and our most recent trip to Indie Grits in Columbia, SC, we’ve been lovingly harassed and harangued to put the Skyline Festival passes on sale earlier than August 1, 2014. Well, we listen to our people! Festival passes are on sale now on this very site and you can find us on, too! Just search for “Skyline Indie Film Fest” and viola! For $50 you can purchase a pass that will allow you to see each and every movie screening, as seating permits.

And, you savvy Film Club 3.0 members who picked up a souvenir button over Lost Weekend, be sure to check your button for a 6 digit code for a $10 discount! Awesome sauce, right?!

Any questions about the passes please feel free to contact me! Thanks and congratulations on fostering the indie spirit!



Skyline Update for April!

April has been insane! We are ramping up for a great festival weekend in September and it’s so amazing to have the level of community support we are receiving from the Old Town Winchester merchants! So many merchants are offering their spaces as a screening venue, so many restaurants have asked to participate, and everyone I talk to is excited to join us as we foster the indie spirit! We thank you all and we’re doing our best to include everyone we can in smart, dynamic ways. Thank you so much Old Town Winchester for your part in making festival weekend an amazing experience for our locals and for our visitors.

Venue contracts are rolling out, too! Most of the great spaces we used last year are back again and we’ve added several new venues in Old Town as well. Welcome to Remember Yourself Massage and to New Lifestyles. Both in the heart of Old Town and both with amazing spaces that we’re so excited to include for your cinematic experience!

Our screening panel met this month and watched the first submissions. I think they are going to have some very tough decisions to make as we progress! The projects coming in cover all genres, categories, and duration. I don’t envy the job ahead of them at all. I know they are up for the task and I predict amazing programming for SkIFF 2014.

This week the festival staff is road tripping to Columbia, S.C. for Indie Grits! We’ll spend the weekend taking in films, meeting filmmakers (some of whom be participating in SkIFF), and just taking in the experience of a top notch festival. I can’t wait! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep abreast of our shenanigans this weekend! Let’s see if we can trend #SkIFF and #fostertheindiespirit!

@SkylineNdFilmFe and skylinendfilmfest

Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing all the venues, sponsors, events, and other surprises very, very soon! As a matter of fact, if you have one of our souvenir buttons I’d check the back of it for a promo code and look for another blog post in the very (very, very) near future regarding passes!

Thank you all!

Hands on hips means we take this serious!

Hands on hips means we take this serious!