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Access or Nostalgia?

A recent LA Times article titled “Our film and video history is threatened by the rise of streaming video, I say it’s not.

I’m not sure if this is a question of preservation and access or nostalgia. Physical media is ever changing, ultimately rendering current archival technology obsolete. No one can preserve everything. Should everything be preserved?

Antique VCRs Photo: UM Encyclomedia

VHS granted access to the masses (and was the original peer-to-peer piracy platform) at the cost of absolute terrible initial quality and constant degrading video fidelity. I dare say people who miss that medium are simply nostalgic for some transformative period in their lives and are seeking, actively or passively, some evocative reminder of times deemed the good ole days, like a song that’s only a favorite because it happened to be playing when you had your first kiss. 

Films that warrant an audience will find an audience, they always have and barring utter physical destruction that will continue. Peer-to-peer sharing, streaming, digital archives and die hard film enthusiast will find a way to make these films available to any and all who are interested, even if it’s on VHS.