Skyline Indie Film Fest

Skyline Indie Film Fest

Skyline Indie Film Fest

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Horror, Sci-Fi and (Retired) Super Villains! Shorts Block #2


A collection of narrative, live action short films in the genres of horror, sci-fi, and (retired) super villains!

thewitchinghour_still_2The Witching Hour

Short, Narrative 00:12:29

On Halloween, a fearful young boy is taken by the spooky girl next door on a haunted night of mischief and adventure.


Short, Narrative 00:08:00

Left home alone on a seemingly normal Saturday night, things take a turn for the worse for 17 year old Kate.


Desolate_Future_EOD_Edition_0003308Desolate Future

Short, Narrative 00:04:06

A small group searches for food in a ruined earth after the failure of the green movement.




Short, Narrative, 00:05:48

In a desperate attempt to prevent a cataclysmic event a particle physicist is contacted by her future self.

FOTSFor Old Time’s Sake

Short, Comedy 20:00

Three aging super villains attempt a dramatic escape from their detention facility/retirement home, and must overcome the odds when confronted with an intimidating new warden and their own powers going haywire.