Skyline Indie Film Fest

Skyline Indie Film Fest

Skyline Indie Film Fest

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“Globuline’s Game” w/ “Adrian’s Story”, “ENTELECHY”, “The Ego Death”, “In This World” & “To the Stars”


Adrian's StoryAdrian’s Story

Short, Documentary 2:42

Adrian is a barber-in-training. Today, after years of incarceration, he is bravely, slowly moving forward. Adrian sharpens his skills while offering haircuts to folks who cannot afford a trip to the barber shop.



Short, Documentary, Experimental 9:34

A haunting experimental, docu-musical about global warming and changing the dream. A woman is guided by a dream therapist onto a shamanic journey through the inner and outer worlds of being. Within the dream state she works to shift her dream to a vision of love, and in doing so succeeds in shifting the universal dream as well.

The_Ego_Death_tempPoster1The Ego Death

Short, Experimental 10:26

The Ego Death is an experimental short film that tells the story of Jonas Green, a recently divorced man who is suffering from a massive depression and is desperate for help. One day, he encounters a   mysterious man named Evan whilst on a train, a man who seems to know everything about Jonas including his problems. It turns out that something deep inside Jonas’s mind is the reason why he’s been feeling so weak. Can he handle the truth? The Ego Death explores psychological themes about the human condition and how we as human beings, perceive love and hate.

InThisWorldIn This World

Short, Documentary 15:00

15-year-old Courvosier “Vosiey” Cox is a triple threat: an actor, singer and comedian, destined to perform sold-out shows in LA. He is planning the talent show he is sure will launch his career in front of hordes of adoring fans.     But first he must navigate the challenging landscape of adolescence, a tumultuous time that brings a new sense of independence along with a search for self and longing for acceptance.

To the StarsTo the Stars

Short, Narrative, 00:29:30

Stella, a young composer kills herself. Transformed into a self conscious muse, she is inspiring great artists all over the world with the help of Nuria, a psychic. But one day she has to inspire her own sister, a famous violinist, and a secret comes up that puts her in a terrible dilemma.

Globuline's GameGlobuline’s Game

Feature, Documentary, Experimental 52:00

Virginie Balabaud, alias Globuline, proposes the “Compass Game” with men she meets on dating sites. A metaphor of love, a movement, a construction, a utopia where the artist tries to bend the reality through imaginary.