Skyline Indie Film Fest

Skyline Indie Film Fest

Skyline Indie Film Fest

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We Can Do A Lot With A Buck!

With 1 buck we can:

  • Mail two thank you letters to supporters and sponsors. Yay, supporters!
  • Provide a bit more swag for festival attendees.  Woo-hoo, more swag!
  • Give water to 1 volunteer.  Because a quenched volunteer is a happy volunteer!

And much, much more.  Just imagine what we can do with a couple of bucks!


“If it’s a constant worry that film appreciation among the wider public is ailing, the remedy lies in these small organisations – world cinema’s Médecins Sans Frontières, if you will. So support your local film festival any way you can: it may be barely getting by on a wing and a Kickstarter, but it is cinephilia at the coal face.” – JESSICA KIANG

Thank you for your support!  Every contribution goes to making Skyline Indie Film Fest a better experience for our amazing audience, the incredible filmmakers, and our outstanding volunteers!

Skyline Indie Film Fest is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization

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