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Skyline IndieCast Episode 6: Christopher Feltner



Welcome to Episode 6 of Skyline IndieCast. Subscribe to this podcast on Stitcher or iTunes. Please like, share and comment so we can get more people to talk about indie films and indie filmmakers. It’s important and you want to do important things, right?

Skyline IndieCast episode 6 is Christopher Feltner, musician, performance artist, and filmmaker.  Get the schedule of his performance projects at and get ready to experience something like you’ve never seen or heard before!

Christopher S. Feltner (b. 1978) is an experimentalist based out of Strasburg, VA. Over the past six years, he has performed solo under the Kingdom of Sharks moniker before taking a more performance-based approach under his birth name. Under the SEVEN1878 banner, Feltner has released work by his projects, and many others, in addition to currating shows, and running the SEVEN1878 Music Blog featuring interviews and reviews of experimental-based artists.

Starting in 2013, Feltner has expanded into filmwork (with a series of short films), and writing (Seen But Not Heard e-book).

For free downloads of specific SEVEN1878 works, click here.