Skyline Indie Film Fest

Skyline Indie Film Fest

Skyline Indie Film Fest

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Author: Brian Patrick

Films Rolling In!

I’ve really stepped up my invites for the festival participation this week.  I’ve sent dozens of emails directly to filmmakers, producers, directors, film societies, artist communities, and McSweeney’s Wholphin.  No merge email here, a real life “I saw your trailer and I think your film would be great for our festival.” and I’m getting great response.  Many emailed me back instantly, a few called, and the submission form is taking a beating, which is a good thing!  We’ve scheduled a screening of the first five shorts with the festival programmers for this weekend and by early next week the judges should have in their hot little hands the first “OFFICIAL SELECTIONS” from the 1st Annual Skyline Indie Film Fest.

…I’m quite excited…

The Importance of Film Festivals – Part I: Filmmakers

With so many film festivals in existence and more and more coming online daily how do you decide where to spend you efforts?  Do you go niche market?  Is it worth it to submit to an unknown, brand new festival?  Depending on who you are and how you participate in the indie film world, the answer varies.

For the filmmakers, festivals present a significant way to market their film at a reasonable rate. There are opportunities to network within the industry.  Get feedback from audiences and judges.  Share tips and information on topics from technical aspects of filming to location hints.  Introductions are made and collaborations born.  Shopping films on the festival circuit can be both grueling and very satisfying and the grind can take its toll.  But the passion and fortitude of the filmmaker is without refute and the time, energy, and effort they put into not only telling their story but tirelessly working to bring it to audiences on the festival circuit is greatly appreciated by festival directors, other filmmakers, and especially the audiences.

To the filmmakers, thank you for your work, your story and your art.  We the audience love you for it.

To the audience, support these cinematic artists.  Seek them out at festival receptions and Q&A sessions, say hello and thank you.  Let them know their efforts are appreciated, important and entertaining.

It’s a two-way street, the filmmakers need an audience and the audience needs the filmmakers.


We’ve spent the last year building a team, drumming up support, introducing ourselves to filmmakers and spreading the word for our Festival in the global indie markets. It hasn’t been easy but it is paying off. We are going to have a great weekend in September when we screen all the official selections to the Festival as determined by our panel of screeners. Prior to the screening weekend the official selections will be sent to our judges, which we are excited to say, should all be in attendance for the Festival awards ceremony!

Awards you say? Why yes! Skyline Indie Film Fest is a competitive festival. Prizes will be provided to the winners as sponsors come on board and will go home with a trophy and a Festival credential from the Skyline Indie Film Fest.

Filmmakers, please visit the Rules page and read the submission guidelines and judging criteria. I hope then you’ll privilege us by submitting your film via the Submit page where you can provide all the information about yourself, the film, submit your info and you can even pay online if you so choose.

Potential Sponsors and Donors, you can visit our Become a Sponsor page and see our sponsor levels and join us in fostering the indie spirit. The sponsor levels are simply guidelines and if you wish to donate some other amount we thank you. What do you get in return? The world will know that you support independent thinking and artistry, that you are willing to invest in the future of cinema, the knowledge that your sponsorship or donation will help us nurture the indie film culture, and thousands of impressions for your business, organization, foundation, or charity because that is important, too.

Audience members, we love you! We are you! We’re not movie makers, we’re simply movie lovers! We’ve created this festival out of a desire to see creative, intelligent, opinionated, stimulating, and entertaining films that we may not otherwise have an opportunity to view. Spread the word and join us in September. Full auditoriums at the Festival venues will ensure our success, draw attention to our little festival and allow us to extend our reach.

We are very excited and proud of what we’ve accomplished to date and we hope you’re getting excited, too. So please, take few minutes and click around the site, visit our social sites, send us suggestions, if you’re willing you can volunteer to help, or if you’re really interested talk to us about a staff position in the Festival, and spread the word.

This is going to be fun!